Heavy Duty Resistance Bands Kit - 13 Pieces Complete Set

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A compact & affordable solution to to perform hundreds of exercises and stretches anywhere.

Looking to avoid the gym and get a killer workout anywhere?

Introducing the 13 Piece Muscle X Fitness Complete Resistance Bands Kit.

    Heavy Duty Resistance Bands Set

    This kit includes 4 of our 41" HD Resistance Bands also known as pull-up bands or super bands.

    Whether you're Strength Training or Stretching, these bands can do it all challenging both beginners and experts.

    All bands are made from 100% Natural Latex.

    Resistance Ranges and Sizes

    • Red: 15-35 lbs (0.5")
    • Black: 25-65 lbs (0.8")
    • Purple: 35-85 lbs (1.25")
    • Green: 50-125 lbs (1.75")

    Mini Bands

    Our complete set includes our versatile Mini Bands also know as Loop Bands.

    Resistance Ranges

    • Yellow (Easiest)
    • Red (Easy)
    • Green (Medium)
    • Blue (Hard)
    • Black (Hardest)

    Each mini band is not only color coded but also provides you with a visual scale indicating the resistance level.

    Resistance Band Door Anchor & Massage Ball

    Our fitness kit also includes a resistance band door anchor which gives you even more exercise and stretching options along with a massage ball perfect for rolling out knots and improving range of motion in your feet and other muscles.

    13 Piece Kit

    What's Included?

    Incredibly Versatile

    Door Anchor